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Divers Alert Network & DAN Training Courses


LTC SCUBA Centre offers training from introductory snorkel through to SCUBA Instructor.

We also offer the following DAN programs for safety in and around the water.

SCUBA COURSES Read through the complete offering below; course build skills one upon another!
DAN CPR: Health-Care Provider with First Aid $85.00 
  • Open to divers and non-divers
  • Health-Care Provider Level Life Support Training
  • A "must have" course for Divemasters
  • 8 hours of training, including 3 hours of skill performance
  • This course teaches how to provide care for sudden cardiac arrest including proper use of AED's (Automatic External Defibrillators)
  • Skills include 2 person CPR, suctioning, cricoid pressure and techniques for chocking victim airway management, wound management and splints
  • This courses addresses basic life support skills for adults children and infants - applicable to the diving, industrial and health care markets
  • Extends your knowledge beyond the typical lay provider level CPR & First Aid Course
  • Includes e-lecture, practical skill performance and certification card upon completion
  • DAN Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid $50.00     DAN OXYGEN for SCUBA DIVING INJURIES $50.00  DAN FIRST AID for HAZARDOUS MARINE LIFE INJURIES $50.00      
    Specialty recognition available from your diving association upon completion of the above DAN courses, please ask us how.

    FIRST AID PROGRAMS available with CPR training

    including the DAN BLS (above) and  PADI EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONDER



    Join Divers Alert Network or Get DAN Travel Insurance

    Divers Alert Network (DAN) membership offers a host of benefits:

    ·        Exclusive DAN member benefits include: 24-Hour DAN TravelAssist; Alert Diver, DAN's award-winning magazine; access to exclusive reports and information, such as the DAN Dive and Travel Medical Guide.

    ·         DAN member opportunities include: Dive Accident Insurance; the DAN Tag; and, the DAN/MBNA Platinum Plus MasterCard®.

    DAN membership supports these programs for all divers: 24-Hour Diving Emergency Hotline; DAN's Medical Information Line; DAN Dive Medical Research; Recompression Chamber Assistance Program; and a variety of training, safety, and educational programs

         Click Here To Join DAN Now!  Join DAN NOW!      


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