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We Only Accept Cash at the shop and Money Orders for internet/phone sales as of  October 1st 2017 --- We no longer accept VISA or other credit cards!

Seneca Students see "Commercial & SAR Sales" page for equipment suitable for your course!

 We sell the Analox  - EII CO Carbon Monoxide Analyzer &  O2EII Nitrox Analyzer contact us for details  

LTC SCUBA SWAP Participation 2018 April 28th

See the events page! 

New  Pony Tank Gauge on the SCUBA Equipment Sales Page!

Spring Special Limited time! VIP (includes air fill, tax) $12.00 - Hydro (includes VIP, air fill, tax) $35.00

Call the shop for Toronto area pick up points & times. The GTA area shops can not match these prices!


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        News Letters  2010                              Join DAN today... go to the DAN Page for a quick link!   

        News Letters 2008-2009                           Prices on this site subject to change without notice.

        News Letter December 2011  GIFT IDEAS       All pricing in Canadian Dollars unless indicated differently

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